One of the MyGet features I've been working on lately should make it easier to populate your private feed with the NuGet packages you want.

One of the specific use cases for MyGet is to be able to quickly set up a private feed with your own packages, which you might have in a local repository on your computer.

Before MyGet, you could make this feed available to other computers by sharing your repository for instance on a network drive, or by hosting your own NuGet server.

This required you to do some plumbing to get a server running, or to manage folder security settings, and above all, if a computer trying to consume the feed was not in the network, it could not get any packages from you repository.

MyGet provides you with a service (NuGet-as-a-Service) that allows you to easily host your private NuGet feeds and have it always accessible from any computer connected to the internet, without that setup hassle.

Since we launched, you were already able to upload a single package at a time to your feed. Maarten extended this with a simple checkbox to define whether or not you want to include its dependencies. Note that this dependency resolution only works for dependencies to packages on the official NuGet feed at the moment.

To facilitate the upload progress, I've now extended it to allow you to upload multiple packages at once.


This saves you again a couple of clicks and redirects!

When the packages are successfully uploaded to your feed, you'll get a nice notification telling you which packages have been added.

multi-package-upload success

Noticed that the above upload of 2 packages results in 3 packages being added? (it resolved a dependency to elmah.corelibrary 1.2 for elmah