One of the things we want to improve on MyGet is the add-package functionality from the official NuGet feed. We felt this user experience could be better, so here's a first step!

First of all, the default search behavior has changed (and we hope improved as well!):

  • the term you enter in the search box is used now to scan the NuGet package ID and Title only
  • the default search method is StartsWith (self-explanatory I hope?)
  • uppercasing or lowercasing doesn't matter (we do a ToLower behind the scenes anyway)
  • by default, we now only search through the latest versions
You'll notice there are a bit more options in the UI as well, so you can adjust the behavior to your needs.

Some of the search settings are now optional:

  • search through the package Summary field
  • search through the package Description field
  • search through all versions of all packages
The moment you type at least two characters, an autocomplete box will display with your matching results, as shown below:
In a second phase, I hope to add some more useful functionality to this feature, such as search by Author, OSS license type, ...
Feel free to suggest the ones you feel are really missing.