Time flies. MyGet has been online for over half a year! We’ve started MyGet as a proof-of-concept which kept growing, thanks to you. You’re one of the more than 600 NuGet feeds we are currently hosting in two datacenters worldwide!

New user interface design, new blog

We’ve “moved your cheese around”. We’ve been redesigning our UI and added a few usability improvements here and there.

Next to that, our new blog went live at blog.myget.org. We will be using it to announce new features, provide sample use cases for MyGet and share other information with you.

More features

It have been a couple of busy weeks. The new release of MyGet which we've just deployed contains an important number of new features. Some small ones, such as the ability to delete all non-latest packages from a feed at once.
We've also added an often requested one: the ability to include packages in your MyGet feed from a different source such as Chocolatey or Orchard Gallery. Xavier blogged about this in MyGet tops Vanilla NuGet feeds with a Chocolatey flavor.

Building on that feature, you can link another feed and include a complete or filtered set of packages from that feed. This offers the ability to have one single package source endpoint which aggregates different external feeds and is enriched with your privately hosted packages. Maarten blogged about the why and how in his post on MyGet package source proxy (beta).

Let us know about your experiences with these new features. You posted these features on our UserVoice feedback forum, we are looking forward to hearing more at UserVoice!

Introducing subscriptions

Since we want to build much more features and improvements, we're looking for some funding to buy ourselves time to do that. We’re introducing subscriptions: a free plan, which still allows you to do what you’ve been doing today. Our small, medium and large plans offer some additional capabilities to your feed. No worries! We’ve promised you to host your feeds and we’ll keep doing that.

Checkout the available plans at www.myget.org/plans and discover which plan we've assigned to you for two months as a gift to say thank you for using MyGet.

It's your product

Know that you can reach out to us through UserVoice or info@myget.org! Let us know your thoughts, feature requests or anything else you would like to share! MyGet is your product, and we want to make sure it stays that way. We’re just the code monkeys making sure you can host your packages and dependencies in a reliable and useful way.

Happy packaging!

Maarten & Xavier
The MyGet Team