We are happy to announce MyGet 2017.2 was released on December 13, 2017! Full release notes are available from our docs.


Next to some new features and many fixes, this 2017.2 release of MyGet again adds some new functionality to the service.

Major highlights of this release are:

  • We added PHP Composer support, and welcome PHP developers to the MyGet family! (Announcement | Docs)

    In fact, this also resulted in a bug fix on Composer itself (which is now merged, yay!) - composer/composer#6717 will be part of Composer 1.5. Happy to contribute back!

  • In light of upcoming EU General Data Protection Regulation (EU GDPR), which will be enforced in May 2018, MyGet is taking proactive action to verify we are compliant, and take corrective measures if we spotted anything that is not compliant, or questionable (typical grey area in legislation). Being a EU-based company, we take privacy and security very seriously! As such, we focused in this release to ensure that:

    • user sign-ups by default opt-out of marketing communications or newsletters; unless the user explicitly takes positive action by ticking the checkbox to opt-in (which of course we do recommend, as we try to keep you informed about evolutions and guidance in the package management space)
    • first-time visitors see a proper cookie consent banner, requiring so-called double consent from the user (in other words: we ask you to explicitly accept/deny non-essential cookies instead of the automatic consent with cookies you see elsewhere on the Internet)
    • we verified our usage of essential and non-essential cookies and ensure we comply to GDPR in the way we handle these
    • we don’t retain any personally identifiable information (PII) data longer than necessary and only use it for the purposes intended (full details in our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy)

    As data protection is critical, MyGet can help organizations in protecting them against potential vulnerabilities imposed by third-party or open source dependencies using the built-in vulnerability report on each feed. More GDPR-specific changes are coming to MyGet as we continuously deploy our services, and will be aggregated in the 2018.1 release notes.

  • Another big theme we focused on lately is auditing. Similar to our activity streams, we made security related events accessible in an easy to use audit log to MyGet Enterprise administrators. (Announcement) In addition, we allow an export of these audit logs into a downloadable .csv file containing up to 25.000 entries.


Full release notes with a list of all features and fixes are available from our docs.

We love hearing from you, so keep that feedback coming! MyGet is built for you!

Happy packaging!