MyGet Now Supports NuGet .snupkg Symbols.

Improved support for debugging and source code in NuGet feeds on MyGet

MyGet was created to take away the painful parts of packaging so that you could focus on solving more interesting problems and building awesome stuff.

We launched support for an integrated NuGet Symbol Server in 2016 to make it easier to debug your NuGet packages hosted on MyGet. When MyGet first introduced NuGet Symbol support, you could push your NuGet packages along with their debugging symbols to the same package feed. You could also search MyGet feeds for libraries and symbols alike, and access both from Visual Studio. followed with their integrated symbol server hosting in late 2018.

Starting today, we are excited to announce that MyGet now supports both’s new .snupkg symbol package format as well as the original .symbols.nupkg format. You can push both .snupkg and .symbols.nupkg symbols based on your requirements, and use the same streamlined workflows for both just like you could previously.

How do I use NuGet symbol packages on MyGet?

On MyGet, your NuGet packages and symbols live in the same feed to make it easier to access them when needed for debugging.

The endpoint for pushing .snupkg symbols packages is the same as the one you use for regular NuGet packages.

If both the .nupkg and .snupkg file are in the same folder on your machine, you only need to enter the push command once to push your .nupkg and .snupkg assemblies to MyGet—MyGet will automatically detect if there is a .snupkg file and upload for you as well!

You can also upload symbol files directly to MyGet via

Once you have uploaded your symbol package to MyGet, you will be able to download it via, retrieve it with a MyGet API endpoint, or access it directly from Visual Studio.

MyGet Now Supports NuGet .snupkg Symbols.

What about my existing symbols on MyGet? Will MyGet continue to support the .symbols.nupkg format?

We will continue to support both the .snupkgs and the older .symbols.nupkg formats. That said, you should keep in mind that if you have an existing NuGet symbol in the legacy symbols format on MyGet and want update it to the new .snupkg format, then the old version will no longer be available from the “Download symbols” link in your feed gallery at after you update. (However, MyGet won’t remove the legacy package completely, and you will still be able to search for and download the legacy in Visual Studio if needed.)

Where do my symbols packages go when I use MyGet Build Services?

For new feeds, symbols packages are pushed to your MyGet feed by default. From the build configuration, you can select where to push symbols packages.

Where can I find the documentation for .snupkgs on MyGet?

Check out the MyGet Docs page on Symbols to read more about creating, publishing, and downloading .snupkgs via or the MyGet API.

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